Western Fireworks

The Pacific Northwest’s Oldest and Largest Fireworks Company

Western Fireworks Inc. is Oregon's oldest and largest wholesale fireworks company. Established in 1948, we import and distribute 1.4 g Class C fireworks throughout the Northwest.

As a pioneer in wholesale of consumer fireworks, Western Fireworks, Inc. has built its reputation in the industry on unmatched customer service, high quality products and a well stocked selection.

Quality customer service has been, and will continue to be the foundation of Western Fireworks, Inc. Our experienced and energetic staff are well accustomed to the rigorous demands of the fireworks industry and prepared to uphold our reputation for excellent customer service.

Western Fireworks is a member of American Fireworks Standards Laboratory, the most stringent and thorough fireworks testing program available. Our extensive product testing program ensures that our products meet and/or exceed United States Consumer Product Safety Commission requirements. We supply only the most superior products that are backed by an unconditional guarantee.