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Western Fireworks is a member of the American Fireworks Standards Laboratory (AFSL), an independent, non-profit corporation established in 1989 by members of the fireworks industry to: develop voluntary quality and safety standards, work with manufacturers to improve safety and quality, provide a testing program, provide testing certification, and support the efforts of groups promoting the safe use of consumer fireworks.


AFSL operates the China Fireworks Quality Improvement Program, a testing program administered by an independent, internationally recognized testing laboratory. The fireworks products are tested at the factory level in China for compliance with CPSC enforced manufacturing and performance standards before being shipped to the United States. Those products that pass the AFSL factory level testing in China are then certified and shipped to the United States.


Western Fireworks works hard to ensure all of our products are the safest on the market today. Western Fireworks will continually work to improve the quality and performance levels of our fireworks products for your safety and enjoyment.


  • Read and follow label directions.

  • Use adult supervision. Do not allow children to handle or light products.

  • Purchase from reliable fireworks dealers.

  • Use fireworks outdoors only.

  • Obey all local laws.

  • Always have a readily available source of water.

  • Be aware of surroundings.  Look for potential danger, keeping away from homes, wooded, and dry grassy areas.

  • Only use fireworks as intended.  Do not try to alter or combine them in any way.

  • Ignite fireworks on solid, level, non-flammable surfaces only.

  • Be aware of the wind conditions when you light fireworks.

  • Use common sense.  Specators should keep safe distances and igniters should wear safety gear and glasses.  Never put any part of body over fireworks products.  Never look into tube to check on firework.

  • Never hold a lit firework in your hand.

  • Light only one firework item at a time.

  • Never attempt to re-light, alter, or fix malfunctioning fireworks.

  • Never use fireworks under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  • Store fireworks in a cool, dry place and dispose properly.

  • Use caution when around pets.  Noise and lights can often frighten animals.

  • Never transport fireworks on airplanes; it is a violation of federal law.

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